Block Meet Writing

We’ve all been here. When you have all of those great ideas for a story but you freeze up when you open Microsoft Word. It’s the greatest foe of all writers. Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block always hits me when I sit down at the desk in my room. There’s too many distractions, too much relaxation, […]

A Review of “Mistborn: The Final Empire”

I did give fair warning that a review for some of Brandon Sanderson’s work was coming. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into me fanboying. If it does, please scold me. “Mistborn: The Final Empire” is the first installment in the “Mistborn” series and, as many will agree, is a great introduction into Sanderson’s universe of the […]

Writing Prompt 1

What’s an aspect of the world you want to exaggerate?  When worldbuilding or trying to find a setting for your work, something that can help you out is determining what the world itself would be like. Are there two suns? Are there emotion spirits? Are plants or animals sentient? Can music animate objects? There’s an […]

A Look Inside “The Maven Knight”

With production moving steadily on Book 2, I thought it’d be fun to start a little weekly post with some behind the scenes stuff regarding this series. Character inspirations, worldbuilding, and other things will be covered unless there are any requests. For those of you that have read “The Maven Knight”, some of this history […]

A Review of “Eragon”

Keeping my word, I decided it was time to start writing a few personal reviews for books and films here on Roil Blogs. Bear in mind that these reviews won’t be terribly factual, they’re more my opinions on the subject matter. My days of trying to be a professional critic are long gone. So, let’s […]

The Table-Top

As you’ve probably guessed, “D&D” is making its way into this blog post. Well… not just “D&D”, but role-playing in general and how it can seriously help with character creation. For me, there are two primary aspects in drafting characters that assists in fleshing out a personality. The first is a flaw and the second […]

Inspirations for Writing

So there have been several influences for the current writing style behind “The Maven Knight” and its sequels. Below are some key elements, what inspired them, and why I chose to use them in the first book. Back in 2016, I was about halfway through the first draft when I was introduced to the “Red […]